Hello Fellow Travelers!

This past year has been a busy one and it looks like 2018 is going to be even busier.  A few additional tours developed that have been on the horizon for awhile, which have all fallen together now.  The line- up for the year has been unusual in that almost all of the tours have been filled for several months.  Perhaps the long, cold winter had something to do with that??

We returned from Belize/Panama trip to face 18 more inches of snow than when we left.  We went from beautiful turquoise Caribbean waters and upper 70s to white and more white upper teens.  The trip was great as always from the Mayan ruins to the full Panama Canal cruise to the luxurious resort on the Belizean islands.

In May we will travel to the Southwest National Parks with a former exchange student’s father.  He is looking forward to seeing the Grand Canyon and we are looking forward to seeing  brother Russ again.  After spending a few days at our home, we will take him to the North Shore area of MN for a different view of the state.

July 16-27                      Alaska Land Tour                           $3250
This trip filled very quickly, so we added an additional trip to Alaska in August.  We return to Alaska and to all of the favorite sights and activities of our past travelers.  These include paddle boat trip, stop at North Pole, stop at end of the Alcan Highway, Fairbanks, Anchorage, Wasilla, Denali (including 11 hour drive into the park), Talkeetna, Homer, Seward (including a seven hour whale/wildlife cruise), and a day of halibut fishing.  This price includes flight, lodging, all admissions, all fishing equipment and license, and about half of the meals.

August 21-Sept 2           Alaska Land Tour                            $3250
As we said above, we added a second trip to Alaska for 2018.  This trip has also filled.  This trip will be identical to the July trip above, but will also include time at the Alaska State Fair to see the large vegetables that we have all heard about, for ourselves.  We intend to return to Alaska next year in August.  If you are at all interested, please let us know as there are several people on the waiting list already.

Sept 9-18                         Iceland Northern Lights Tour        $3150
This trip will include lots of scenery.  We travel completely around Iceland covering all landscape and ocean views, not just the Golden Circle that most tours do.  It truly is impossible to describe how much scenery there is in this small country. One traveler called it “extreme scenery”.  We never tire of the everyday new scenery that you encounter there from Icebergs, waterfalls, boiling mud pots, lava fields, volcanoes, glaciers, mountains to plains, and, of course, The Blue Lagoon.  Going in September gives us the potential opportunity to see the Northern Lights up close.  This includes flight, transportation in Iceland, lodging, and all admissions.    We again have to say that this trip is filled at this time.

Sept 24-29                        Autumn in the Ozarks                     $850
For those of you who want a shorter trip, we will be going to the Ozarks this fall for 6 days.  This trip will include stops in Branson, but also along the way, as it is not a Branson trip as such.  Our first stop will be in Kansas City to view the Steamship Arabia, which was uncovered from the bottom the Missouri River’s former water route.  This ship was a pre-Civil-war cargo ship carrying supplies to the west.  Most of the cargo, buried in mud, was amazingly preserved.  You will enjoy this museum to see those supplies.  We will also explore the College of the Ozarks, where students do not pay any tuition to attend, but rather work their way through college.  A stop in Branson to see  a great illusionist perform and also the production of “Samson” at the Sight and Sound Theater will fill the days.  Our return home will include a stop at the breeding farm for the Budweiser Clydesdales where you may see some cute babies and some old gramps from the Budweiser wagon team as they enjoy retirement.  This trip has room for more and is an all- inclusive trip.  That means transportation, lodging, tickets, admissions, and ALL MEALS are included.

Oct 4-22                            South Africa                                  $4450
We will explore the countries of South Africa and Swasiland completely.  We will travel from the Johannesburg area and travel southerly to the Cape Town area.  There will be several game drives along the way where we hope to see giraffes, elephants, gazelles, rhinos, and much more.  The garden area on the eastern coast will make for beautiful scenery.  There is so much to see in this diverse country in Africa.

Nov 6-17                           Galapagos  Islands                         $4250
This is another filled trip, but we will report to you the sights when we return in case you may be interested in the future.  Of course, we hope to see the famous boobies, frigates, fur seals, tortoises, Wall of Tears, Darwin’s Station, and flamingo lagoon.  We will be staying on three different islands during the trip to allow for a more intimate experience with the animals.  (we hope)

Nov 27-Dec 10                    Israel Holy Land Tour                  $3450
Although this trip may sell out soon, currently we have room for two more people.  The price may fluctuate also due to the airfare changing a lot recently.  This tour will include all of the expected sights from Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Sea of Galilee, Nazareth, Caesarea, Dead Sea, and much more.  The last two days will be at Eilat to relax by the Red Sea.  What a great place to visit just before the Christmas season.

Jan 8-25, 2019                    India and Nepal                             $3850
This trip also has room for more to join us.  Again the price might fluctuate due to airline changes.  We will begin the journey in New Delhi and continue across the country to the western coast and Mumbai.  From here we will fly to Nepal for a few days followed by a return to New Delhi for our flight home.  The Taj Mahal is the most famous sight we will get a close- up look at.  Several days of traveling through the countryside make for a very interesting journey as we pass by the numerous farms.  You also will get to see the reality of the poverty of some of the people living in this country.


Since the page is coming to an end……2019 plans
February 27-Mar 8      Costa Rica/Nicaragua  (probably around $3000)
June 7-20                       Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland  –sold out
June 21-July 2               Italy   $3750 (train tour to include Venice, Florence, Rome, Pompei, Sorrento)
July                                  Ireland   TBD
August                             Alaska   $3250 (tour same as this year above)
October                           New Zealand    TBD


If any interest at all in any of the trips…even if already filled, please let us know.  There could be a cancellation due to illness or if there is enough interest we will do the tour again.  As you can see, some of the trips fill very quickly, partly because we have generated a list of people interested in different areas of the world.  Remember, we also do family planning, reunions, company journeys etc.  with or without a guide service.

Jerry and Diana  (507) 456-6611 or email if we are out of the country at: diana@moreforlesstours.com
More info on all these tours on the website: www.moreforlesstours.com