Hello everyone,

Well, here we are at Fall 2022.  It has been a “ back to normal year finally”.   We were able to complete all of our trips as planned with very little concern for Covid testing or other issues that we have previously encountered with restrictions.

We were happy to get to the Passion Play in Germany, but not so happy that our whole group managed to lose all our luggage.  With altered plans and minimal clothing, we did complete the trip and all our luggage did finally find its way home two months later.  Might have been interesting to see the world through the eyes of our luggage judging by all of the luggage tags on our bags when they finally arrived back home.

Alaska trips went without any hitches, as did our trips to the Redwoods, Yellowstone, and lastly to Africa.  We traveled through 6 countries in Africa and only had to show our Covid cards on two occasions (and they hardly looked at them) and no tests were required.  That was a relief for all of us.

We look forward to 2023 and to finally being able to complete the balance of the tours we had planned for 2021 and 2022 that never were launched.  As you will see as you continue reading, many of these trips are filled and wait listed because we have waited so long to actually do them. If a trip is wait listed, that means that some people who indicated that they intended to go on that particular trip, have not reconfirmed for 2023 or it is filled and you can be put on a wait list in case of a cancellation of someone. In addition to that fact, we have found that many people are anxious to get on the road again after the last two/three years.

Jan 11- Feb 3, 2023                 Antarctica                                                      Filled and Closed

This is a cruise from Santiago, Chile around the Strait of Magellan and up to Buenos Aires with stops at Falkland Islands and many ports along the route.

Feb 26-Mar 6, 2023                Costa Rica                                                       $2950     Wait LIst

Take a break from winter and head to a tropical rain forest!  We will see numerous birds, including hummingbirds, parrots, macaws, and toucans.  We also will visit a coffee and pineapple farm, walk hanging bridges, and maybe even go ziplining.  This is all inclusive trip, flight, transportation, lodging, and all meals will be included.

June 15-27, 2023                    Alaska Sightseeing                                         $3950     2 spots left
This is our usual Alaska sightseeing trip.  It includes a wildlife cruise, all day Denali trip, and two days of fishing. The route covers nearly the entire state as we travel on most of the paved highways in the state, traveling to Fairbanks, Anchorage, Seward, and Homer. 

June 30-July 9, 2023               Iceland                                                            $3650     4 spots left
We will spend the time on this trip enjoying the scenery in Iceland.   The route we take will be to circumnavigate the entire island via van.  The waterfalls, volcanoes, geysers, and mudpots are spectacular and it changes at the turn of a curve.  You are sure to enjoy the variety of landscape views of this island.  The Icelandic horses and Icelandic sheep always add to the views out the window.  We will be stopping at numerous places to get an up- close view of the fine examples of nature in this country.  This trip was just added, so space is left for you to consider.

July 23-Aug 4, 2023                Alaska Sightseeing                                         $3950      Wait List
This is our usual Alaska sightseeing trip.  It includes a wildlife cruise, all day Denali trip, and two days of fishing. The route covers nearly the entire state as we travel on most of the paved highways in the state, traveling to Fairbanks, Anchorage, Seward, and Homer.  This is a repeat of the Alaska trip above.

Aug 6-12, 2023                       Alaska Fishing                                                 $3950      Wait List
This is a four days of salmon and halibut fishing trip.  All fishing equipment, licenses, guide service, transportation, and most meals are included.  You will have a Kenai River salmon day, Kasilof River fishing day, a fly in experience, and a day of ocean halibut fishing opportunities.

Aug 17-31, 2023                     Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland)
                                                                                                                          $4250      4 spots left
We will cover the countries listed above that most people consider to be parts of Scandinavia.  We will cover the beautiful scenery fjords of Norway, the forests of Finland, the glass of Sweden, the rolling farmland of Denmark, and the raw nature of Iceland.  We will travel by boat, rail, and coach.  You will be able to experience the differences and similarities of these countries.

Sept 7-23, 2023                       Alpine (Germany, Switzerland, and Austria)   $4150      4 spots left
We will enjoy the scenery of the Alps and the culture of this area of the world.  We will continue on into Germany to view some great architecture and important historical sights. There should be something for everyone on this one.  We will be traveling by train most of the time.

Oct 3-17, 2023                        Italy                                                                 $3750     4 spots left
We will spend most of our time in the Tuscany and Sorrento areas.  We will be taking day trips to the famous sights in each area including Florence, Venice, Rome, and Cinque de Terra.  We will conclude our trip with a journey to Naples and Pompei, concluding the trip on the Amalfi Coast in Sorrento.

That pretty well sums it up for now. As you can see, the schedule is quite busy.  If any interest in any of these trips, I recommend making a decision as quickly as you can, as I do not anticipate that any openings will last very long.

**Remember we do small groups, so the trips are usually limited to a group of 10 people. In the meantime, I’ll either be busy traveling or busy at home getting final details confirmed for an upcoming trip. Hopefully we can all enjoy traveling again without concerns of major interruptions.  If any questions about any of these trips, do not hesitate to call any time at 507-456-6611 or email: diana@moreforlesstours.com

Until later,
Diana and Jerry