Dear Travelers,

With another year coming to a close soon, it is time to update you on our travel plans for 2018.  We have traveled to lots of countries this year and are ready to set sail (or take flight) for more in 2018.  Probably our biggest surprise was how interesting India is to visit.  We definitely will return to that area in the future.  In case you have forgotten we try to limit our trips to no more than 10 people to be able to cater to individual needs and, we think, to have more intimate, fun experience.


Belize and Panama-Feb 27-March 8                                                                                      $2950

This trip will be similar to last year, except that we are substituting Belize for the Costa Rica portion.  We will begin exploring Belize and its pristine Caribbean waters and beaches.  You will have an opportunity to snorkel in the second largest barrier reef (next to the Australian Great Barrier Reef).  We also will take side trips for up close looks at some of the most impressive Mayan ruins that exist.  The Panama portion will include returning for a sail of the complete length of the Panama Canal, a visit of historic Panama City and the Panama Canal Zone area.  A highlight is a visit (after a dugout canoe ride through the jungle) with an indigenous tribe to enjoy a meal prepared by them and to participate in a dance with them.  This price includes flights, all ground transportation, lodging, and all admissions and side trips.  We still have room for 2 people for this trip, but will have to sign up soon in order to be included on canal trip.


Alaska– July 16-27                                                                                                                          $3250

We return to Alaska and to all of the favorite sights and activities of our past travelers.  These include paddle boat trip, stop at North Pole, stop at end of the Alcan Highway, Fairbanks, Anchorage, Wasilla, Denali (including 11 hour drive into the park), Talkeetna, Homer, Seward (including a seven hour whale/wildlife cruise), and a day of halibut fishing.  This price includes flight, lodging, all admissions, all fishing equipment and license, and about half of the meals.  We have room for two more people on this trip also.


Alaska– August 21-Sept 2                                                                                                            $3250

We return to Alaska for a second trip this year due to demand.  This trip will be identical to the July trip above, but will also include time at the Alaska State Fair to see the large vegetables, that we have all heard about, for ourselves.  We have room for four more people on this trip.


Iceland-September 9-18                                                                                                               $3150

This trip will include lots of scenery.  We travel completely around Iceland covering all landscape and ocean views, not just the Golden Circle that most tours do.  It truly is impossible to describe how much scenery there is in this small country. One traveler called it “extreme scenery”.  We never tire of the everyday new scenery that you encounter there from Icebergs, waterfalls, boiling mud pots, lava fields, volcanoes, glaciers, mountains to plains, and, of course, The Blue Lagoon.  Going in September gives us the potential opportunity to see the Northern Lights up close.  This includes flight, transportation in Iceland, lodging, and all admissions.  We have room for four more people on this trip.


South Africa-October

This has been a request of several people, but it is one of those “when we see it, we have to decide” trips that we referred to in our last letter.  It will be in cooperation with one of our new “partners” and the decision will need to be made probably within a week’s time.  We will be going in October, just waiting for the opportunity to come up.  If interested let us know so we can contact you immediately as it arises.


Galapagos-November 14-28                                                                                                       $4650

This is a trip of a lifetime as we will go to more islands than most tours.  We will spend two days exploring the Quito, Ecuador area before we head to the islands.  We will spend most of our time on five of the most interesting islands.  To save time, we will overnight on three different islands to give additional exploration time.  Many tours either stay on Santa Cruz Island and head out each morning or stay on a boat the entire time, which is only good if the seas are not too rough. Staying directly on the islands we are visiting gives us more opportunity to do what we go there for….encounter and observe wildlife!   We also will visit points of interest such as the Lava tunnels, Darwin Station, and the Wall of Tears.  After 8 days on the islands we will return to the mainland to visit the Otavalo Market and the surrounding Andes area.   This will include flights, all island hopping transportation, lodging, all island and mainland tours, ALL meals, and all admissions.  Although this is an expensive area to visit, we believe you can compare our offering to any other on the market for less money and more days due to our personal relationship to that area.  We have room for only four more people on this trip.


*As always we will plan and/or escort you, family, or friends to anywhere that you would like to go in addition to our scheduled trips listed above.


**Let us know if you have an interest in any of our scheduled trips, to allow us to take advantage of specials for earlier bookings.  (507) 456-6611 or


***Please pass this information along to any friends who also might be interested in any of these tours or send us their email or address and we will include them on our mailings.  Thanks!!***


Lastly, make memories with your friends and family over the holiday season.  Merry Christmas!!

Jerry and Diana

P.S.  *If you are receiving a paper copy of this newsletter and have an email address, we would appreciate it if you would send that address to us to save postage.  Likewise, if you choose to no longer receive the letter, please let us know. Thanks!