Introduction to Iceland-Land of Fire and Ice The wide range of landscapes of Iceland offers a wealth of opportunity for all nature lovers. We will travel completely around this awesome country. Most tours do not include the beautiful fjord area, which is why we have chosen to include it. We want to offer a complete view of Iceland. We begin our journey in the south, where most tours travel, on the Great Circle tour. This is the area of lava fields, geysers, fantastic waterfalls, and glaciers. We will be boating past the ice flows from the melting glacier and out to an island in the midst of the fjords. We will be continuing on the east and north to a lake area that boasts 300 different species of birds. The most common species, numbering in the millions, is the puffin. We also will be spending one evening on a whale watch cruise where there is a 99.1% success rate. Of course, a highlight of this area might be the morning fishing trip. The guide guarantees that we WILL catch fish. We then head west to the fjord area where we will take a boat ride out into the fjord area. We might choose to pack a picnic lunch and eat on an island in this area. We follow the west coast toward the southern starting point. We will stay at four different farms where they will allow us to visit the farm and ask questions or just use the accommodations as you would use a hotel.